Spun: Slow Nerve Action

A word of caution to potential listeners: you may find the cover art on Slow Nerve Action’s Lovenasium a bit offensive, or at least confusing. If you disregard the picture of the nude woman adorned in a classy top hat, you’ll find some comfort in the 12 tracks of Lovenasium. This release is loaded with funk bass lines and beats to keep the groove moving along all night long. The album also features plenty of guitar solos complimenting the rest of the instruments and at the same time creating a unique sound of its own.

Musically, Lovenasium is the kind of album you’d hear on a patio while sipping a cool margarita. Vocally, however, it isn’t all tasty. Tracks like “Over Easy” and the title track interject a rapping style disrupting the relaxed euphoric vibe the rest of the band has set up. On the other hand, tracks such as “Sexy Sister” and “Milk ma’am Dan” feature comical lyrics accompanied by vocal harmonies accentuating the group’s style like a pair of silk underwear.

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