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Spun: Alexisonfire

By Janice Tran

Alexisonfire’s latest album, Old Crows/ Young Cardinals is a throwback to old-school thrash metal. Their heavy, hard-hitting beats and intricately-mixed guitar work make Old Crows an upbeat album worth listening to. The new vocal style of lead singer George Pettit strays significantly from classic Alexisonfire. Petit leaves behind his broken screams, adopting a more melodious… Continue reading Spun: Alexisonfire

Workshop Theatre brings a literary classic to town

By ­Janice Tran

To Kill a Mockingbird is a piece of literature that anyone in North America with a high school diploma should be familiar with. Over 30 million copies of Harper Lee’s original novel have been sold since its publication in 1960. The book has won countless literary awards, among which is the prestigious Pulitzer Prize. Even… Continue reading Workshop Theatre brings a literary classic to town

Words are wonderful!

By Janice Tran

Aside from textbook cramming, the extent of literary involvement for the average university student likely spans as far out as Facebook and their e-mail inbox. That’s not to say that university students are not interested in what the enlightened authors of today have to say. They’re just too busy to care. However, once a year… Continue reading Words are wonderful!

Spun: An Angle

By Janice Tran

Drive-Thru Records is legendary for introducing the world to pop-punk bands like New Found Glory and Hello Goodbye. The label has been breeding practically the same strain of music for nearly a decade. At least that was the case until now. With the addition of An Angle to its roster, Drive-Thru either made a major… Continue reading Spun: An Angle

Chiodos’ great escape

By Janice Tran

Sex life getting a little boring? Spice it up by dressing up like a friendly woodland creature and nailing a swinger! ‘Furries’ are topping the list of new, ultra-weird fetishes that have recently caught the world’s attention with their strange, adorable, attire. “I saw an MTV True Life on Furries,” says Matt Goddard, basist of… Continue reading Chiodos’ great escape

Spun: Damiera

By Janice Tran

M(US)IC is a great album. Damiera would like to be pegged as one of those generic over-played radio bands, and they might have even you fooled for a while. But for those curious few that actually crack open the case there awaits something unexpected and rewarding. To say the least, Damiera’s debut release, M(US)IC is… Continue reading Spun: Damiera

No, no, Copeland with an “e”

By Janice Tran

Control Freak” has such a nasty connotation. It immediately evokes images of the high-powered, pinstriped corporate shark, ruminating over every detail as he plans the exploitation of pandas, koalas or indigenous peoples. When refering to something as benign as pop music, perhaps “control enthusiast” is more appropriate. Whatever the nomenclature or connotation, this is the… Continue reading No, no, Copeland with an “e”