Spun: Damiera

M(US)IC is a great album. Damiera would like to be pegged as one of those generic over-played radio bands, and they might have even you fooled for a while. But for those curious few that actually crack open the case there awaits something unexpected and rewarding.

To say the least, Damiera’s debut release, M(US)IC is pretty darn cool. Tempos fly all over the place, and the vocal pitches follow suit. The guitars sound like they’re on acid with their constantly changing melodies and complex riffs. The bass is prominent and adds a very strong funk groove to the rhythm. The disc is practically a call for prog-rock fans everywhere to unite and dance to a very offbeat and jagged rhythm.

It’s a miracle how the band can make all the abrupt changes they do and not sound like a pile of noisy rubbish. Instead, Damiera pulls it all off with an air of artsy nonchalance. The production is done well, polished but not glossy. Damiera is one of the very few bands that manage to raise the bar with their debut release. With all its strangeness and catchiness, this is a problematic record that’s nearly impossible to sing along to, no matter how badly you want to.

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