Spun: Alexisonfire

By Janice Tran

Alexisonfire’s latest album, Old Crows/ Young Cardinals is a throwback to old-school thrash metal. Their heavy, hard-hitting beats and intricately-mixed guitar work make Old Crows an upbeat album worth listening to.

The new vocal style of lead singer George Pettit strays significantly from classic Alexisonfire. Petit leaves behind his broken screams, adopting a more melodious growl than ever before. Despite this, they retain a passion and energy behind their lyrics.

Back-up vocalist Dallas Green’s serene voice commands the attention of the audience between the intense and emotional instrumentals. This, however, is also the downside of the album. Green’s constant presence throughout the disc makes it seem like Old Crows is a hard-core version of City and Color.

Old Crows/Young Cardinals begs the question– are Alexisonfire still two girls in a knife fight or have they evolved into a more subdued verbal disagreement? Old Crows is evidence of the band growing out of prep school and displays how far they have come.

The production and mixing makes the album more full and complete, as opposed to previous efforts. Despite Green, Alexisonfire brings its fans another impresive album.

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