Residence still dirty

By Christie Docking

Editor, the Gauntlet

[Re: “Dirty Res rooms” article]

I am contacting you regarding the recent article in the Gauntlet involving the state of the rooms in residence at move-in. Aside from the hectic schedules all students have at the beginning of the year getting their lives in order, those in Residence also have to concern themselves with moving their entire lives into the halls of the various buildings. A concern which was not needed, and is unacceptable that it is a concern, is the state in which I and numerous others found our apartments.

We’re not just students, we’re paying tenants, and anybody, residence student or not, would find this situation unacceptable. I would like to thank the Gauntlet for the accurate portrayal of what happened this year, and previous years in residence, and hope to see that action will be taken to ensure that all students get to move into a room which they are glad to call home.