The Libertine theatre review

Editor, the Gauntlet,

[Re: “Dastardly dreadful Dubnyk drags down drama,” Theatre Review, December 1, 2005]

My name is Gillian Pinckney and I am a third year drama major. I was both confused and appalled at the theatre review that ran in Gauntlet last week. While I understand it is your opinion, and also an opinion article, what I cannot understand is how you could have reached your conclusions about Devon Dubnyk’s performance. I was also there on opening night and in no way did I find him or his acting to be like, “a Japanese-animated schoolgirl.” I find this term and others such as, “Dubynk’s lack of ability stands out like a hooker with teeth on 3rd Avenue,” or that his acting “tarnishes the performance like syphilis ravaged Rochester’s life,” to be extremely offensive and bordering on verbal abuse. It made me wonder if you were biased in your evaluation of his performance perhaps because you had personal problems with Devon outside of the theatre, but he has said that he has never met you.

I find your article to be immature, incomplete, rude, and ignorant, as many in the drama department do, and since we are the ones who have dedicated our lives to the theatre, it is obvious that we would probably know better than you what good theatre is. I am not sure what drove Kyle Francis to write the article the way he did, but I am sincerely hoping that in the next edition of the Gauntlet that there will be an apology waiting there for Mr. Dubynk and the whole drama department.


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