2005: Best in games

By Rob Scherf, Kyle Francis, Chris Courtice and Ben Hoffman

God of War–PlayStation 2Killing hookers on the mean streets of San Andreas is so passe. This year, if it’s sex and violence you want, look no further than Sony’s surprise hit, God of War. The game’s focus, an ancient greek man named Kratos, won’t hesitate to tear in half any minotaurs, gorgons, or demons standing… Continue reading 2005: Best in games

2005: Best in show

By Peter Hemminger, Kyle Francis and Rob Scherf

40-Year-Old VirginThe 40-Year-Old Virgin won’t pick up any Oscar nominations and quite frankly it shouldn’t, but it succeeds admirably at everything it attempts. It is a one joke gross-out sex comedy, a bizarre coming-of-age film, a heartwarming romantic comedy and an affectionate character study all in one. Considering it balances each of those elements without… Continue reading 2005: Best in show

2005: Best in tunes

By Nathan Atnikov

Sufjan Stevens–IllinoisEven in its most accessible moments, Illinois is an overwhelming album in every sense. 22 tracks, 75 minutes and some of the song titles are dangerously close to being paragraphs. On top of this, the arrangements of each song are complex enough to be albums in their own right. Choirs, bells, horns, and banjos… Continue reading 2005: Best in tunes

Theatre Preview: Talking feminism with Shakespeare

By Fiona McLay

The question is not whether Shakespearean studies needs feminism but whether feminism needs Shakespeare. Broad Minds Productions and The Shakespeare Company explore this as they present renowned feminist author Ann-Marie MacDonald’s play Good Night Desdemona, Good Morning Juliet. “This is definitely the story of a woman coming into her own,” says Coulter. “It was originally… Continue reading Theatre Preview: Talking feminism with Shakespeare

Music Interview: Getting over an Econoline Crush

By Jon Roe

Trevor Hurst, the ex-lead singer of Econoline Crush, recently released his first post-Econoline disc, Wanderlust. Although the EP was co-produced by Hurst and ex-Collective Soul guitarist Ross Childress, it has yet to make a mark on the Canadian music scene, but Hurst still finds he has a lot to be thankful for. “I’ve learned to… Continue reading Music Interview: Getting over an Econoline Crush

Theatre Preview: Nude, poetic theatre

By Stephanie Shewchuk

A difficult artist to define, Pablo Neruda’s poetry conjures up emotional and tangible images of human feeling and longing. Never shy to graphically describe physical or emotional intimacy, Neruda became known for verses like, “My savage peasant body ploughs through you and makes the son surge from the depths of the earth” and “My life… Continue reading Theatre Preview: Nude, poetic theatre

Art Review: Ascension ascends to great art

By Indrani Kar

Mystical, ethereal, dreamscape and serene all come to mind when viewing Marcia Harris’s most recent works, an exhibit collectively entitled Ascension. The content and theme of the paintings have the ability to transport viewers into foreign worlds retaining some semblance of the familiar at the same time. A timeless essence is reflected in the work,… Continue reading Art Review: Ascension ascends to great art