Point: Intelligent Design

Contrary to the opinions of the staunch Darwinists, intelligent design is a legitimate scientific theory. Intelligent design asserts the theory of evolution is fundamentally flawed in that it takes the small observed adaptations of individual species and grossly over extrapolates them into a theory of the development of all the diverse life on this planet. Darwin’s theory was based on an immense leap of faith that the fossil record would fill in the gaps between the development of the species. Over a century later that has yet to happen.

Intelligent design looks at the entropic universe and comes to the conclusion that for something so immeasurably ordered as the biosphere of earth to exist; it can only be explained by the intervention of a higher intelligence. If you look at a car you immediately recognize the hand of man in its creation. If you look at the history of automobiles you can see the evolution of the car into its current forms and varieties, but you would be absurd to say that this happened spontaneously and by chance.

Life forms on this planet exhibit levels of order and complexity a thousand times greater than that of a car. Yet most people these days refuse to even consider the possibility of an intelligence being behind such creations. This is not because of a lack of scientific support for such a theory but because humans are incapable of such creation. To recognize the hand of an intelligent being in the creation of life transgresses the first commandment of the secular humanist religion: there is no higher intelligence in the universe than man.

It is hubris, plain and simple. Secular humanism is just as much a religion as any other philosophy, except that it rejects the existence of any power higher than humans. This, combined with the fundamental egalitarian beliefs of the religion, allows followers to set their very own code of conduct, free of any accountability or consequence. This was supposed to be a guilt-free exercise but this left a large hole in the philosophy. Thus original sin was re-instated in the form of white liberal guilt. Crying “separation of church and state,” they drove all other religions out of any role in government and thus made Canada a monotheistic state.

After more than three decades in power, secular humanists now have control of the government, the media, and public schooling. They have become totally intolerant of any serious views that do not conform to the new liberal orthodoxy, also known as the politically correct doctrine. This is what is truly at the heart of this fight.

Intelligent design must be taught as part of the curriculum if we are to have a truly tolerant country. All theories on the development of life on this planet should be taught in public schools and not just the ones that conform to the religious beliefs of those who set the curriculum. To deny Intelligent design its proper place in public schools is nothing more than secular humanists pronouncing the theory as heresy against Charles Darwin and censoring it. I guess they believe hypocrisy is only a sin that the unbelievers can commit.

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