Spun: Beastie Boys

Since releasing their first full-length album, Licensed to Ill, in 1986, the Beastie Boys have been one of the most successful groups to blur the line between rock and rap. Their greatest hits disc, Solid Gold Hits, offers their hits through their illustrious career. Though it gives a good indication of why they became popular, it doesn’t show the full spectrum of the band, like 1999’s career spanning compilation, Sounds of Science, does.

All the songs you’d expect a Beastie Boy’s greatest hit disc to have are here such as “Intergalactic,” “Sabotage,” “Fight for Your Right,” and “Brass Monkey.” Where Solid Gold Hits lacks is in bonus material or any reason for a devout follower of Beastie Boys to pick it up. Though there’s a remix of “Body Movin'” by Fatboy Slim, the album doesn’t even have a booklet with liner notes.

Solid Gold Hits delivers what you’d expect and caters more towards the casual fan than the hardcore Beastie follower. For anyone who already owns a few Beastie albums or Sounds of Science, this would be a waste of money.

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