Spun: Pitbull

It must be a godsend to see a remix album pop up in record stores across the continent to the legions of Pitbull’s seemingly rabid fans. What could be better than a tailored, altered version of Pitbull’s highly successful debut, M.I.A.M.I (Money Is A Major Issue)? The answer is essentially anything. A good solid brick to the head for instance would work for instance.

To be fair, M.I.(Still).A.M.I is not a complete failure. Functionally, it will work as house music at a club. People will dance and have a splendidly good time doing so. As a listenable piece of art, however, the album leaves much to be desired. Decent club music is unnecessarily interrupted by the incoherent barking of Pitbull and the pack of dogs he undoubtedly calls his crew. If the 30th appearance of the word “club” on any of the album’s 13 tracks doesn’t provoke you to pierce your eardrums, then the innumerable references to murder, ass, and titties surely will.

So please, folks, leave your desire to purchase Pitbull in the club.

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