Events hopefuls promise more good times

Voters heard from 10 commissioner candidates and two vice-president candidates at the Students’ Union events forum on Wed., Feb. 8.

The commissioner hopefuls each presented fairly similar platforms revolving around promotion of events, student participation and support for the Dinos.

Christie Docking, who’s seeking a second term, would like to bring back Overflow, the official kick off party that welcomes students back in September. Ryan Anderson also proposed having a September version of Bermuda Shorts Day. Josh Sandulak wants to focus on uniting all students, from rez kids to campus commuters. He proposed a new open mic night at the Den and pledged to keep focusing on That Empty Space.

Claiming that apathetic students are wandering around the school like zombies, Justin Barrett said he will work to get more students involved in on-campus activities and clubs.

Andrea Dabrensky also pledged to increase student participation through semester long events, such as interfaculty games. Dabrensky also proposed a campus version of battle of the bands. Gareth Dobson said he wants to better utilize resources such as the campus website to promote SU events.

Brianna Butchart would like to combine more campus events with specific charities and increase enthusiasm for the Dinos. Pamela Weatherbee, a member of the women’s basketball team, is also dedicated to increasing promotion of Dinos events. Joanna Simpson proposed having pep rallies to get students excited about Dinos games, and Julie Bogle proposed door prizes as incentives for students to attend games.

VP events candidates Beamer Comfort and Eric Jablonski presented their platforms and answered questions from the audience.

Comfort, a long time varsity athlete, pledged to bring what he learned while working in athletics and apply this to the position of VP events.

Comfort said he plans to keep pushing That Empty Space, but he would like to make it appeal to a more mainstream audience. Although he stressed the Dinos are not his only priority, Comfort wants to see more emphasis put on them.

“The rock scene is important, but the level of effort is currently unbalanced,” said Comfort. “We need to move back towards the middle.”

Jablonski said his current position as an events commissioner and his role as president of Rock for a Cause gave him experience for the position of VP. He pledged to continue promotion of That Empty Space, as well as events for the Dinos, clubs and the Resident Students’ Association.

“I’m really partial to small events,” he said. “You get more value out of them and there is more opportunity for social interaction.”

Comfort agreed.

“Profit is not an issue,” he said. “We need to worry about having events that focus on student life.”

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