Music Interview: Have a Rocket Summer

Bryce Avery is a true sight to see–and that’s not just talking about his cute face. At the age of 23, this musician has accomplished more than most adults expect in their lifetime. His band, The Rocket Summer, has garnered a large amount of success, selling thousands of CDs and making him the centre of attention. On every Rocket Summer album, Avery writes, sings and plays every instrument–from the piano to the drums, it’s all him.

“I started playing when I was about 12 to 15,” Avery says. “I focus the most on guitar and piano. [Drumming] is something I did for a long time. I play quite a bit on the [drum] set for fun.”

The Rocket Summer’s history began not long after he picked up his first guitar. When most were occupied getting a driver’s licence, Avery was releasing music.

“I was putting out my EP when I was 16,” he remarks. My friend was reading a book called The Martian Chronicles and Rocket Summer was a chapter in the book My friend told me I should just name it that.”

As a means of promoting his band, the young Avery sent the disc to a popular radio show in Dallas. This move brought him a dedicated following in his hometown. With the excitement gathered from the EP and the support of his fans, Avery soon recorded his debut release, Calendar Days, funding the $15,000 project on his own. The Militia Group later signed The Rocket Summer and released the latest album Hello, Good Friend, exposing them to a much larger and avid crowd.

“We’re not famous or anything but [our fan base] is growing,” Avery says. “At first you’re playing for 15 people a night and now our shows range from a couple hundred to a thousand. I’m very fortunate and very blessed.”

Although his rapid success has forced him to grow up quickly, his busy schedule has drove Avery to put off some essential stages of adult life–like moving away.

“My wife and I moved out this weekend,” Avery explained. “We’re resting our suitcases for the next year or two to work on the record.”

Yes ladies, you heard correctly. This 23 year rock star is definitely taken. In fact, his wife has been a part of his life for as long as the Rocket Summer has.

“We started dating when we were 16, he says. “We were high school sweet-hearts. My wife is a big part of the inspiration and the hope found in my songs.”

Being blessed with fortune is something Avery has gotten use to in his young life. At 23, not only has he established a promising career, he also has a devoted relationship sure to keep him motivated for many albums to come.

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