Music Interview: (working title) not working on title

Let it be known: Calgary rock band (working title) is not to be confused with The Working Title, another band based out of Carolina. Aside from a clear discrepancy in sound between these two bands, there is a more important distinction.

“We have the brackets [in our name],” says vocalist Brendan Mulligan of the three-piece who are poised to release their EP, The Winter of our Discotheque, Fri., Feb. 3. “[And] we have a unique combination of instruments.”

Consisting of electric drums, bass, and acoustic guitar, (working title) don’t follow the standard format of instrumentation in a rock band. Since Mulligan writes most of the band’s material on his acoustic guitar, he doesn’t feel the need to adapt the songs to an electric guitar.

“[Without the acoustic guitar] you lose what sets us apart,” claims bassist Tyler Golly.

This electro-acoustic sound isn’t the only thing Golly believes makes the band distinctive. The band members aren’t fans of one of pop music’s latest trends.

“No special outfits,” Golly says, supported by the rest of the band. “I don’t like knowing that people have just dressed up because it’s a show. We know this one guy who wears a cowboy hat on stage, and we’re like, ‘you never wear a cowboy hat.'”

(working title) have their own take on the process of making music. This doesn’t mean that they are attempting to stand out, though admittedly they do not try to emulate the sound of other bands in their music.

“I’m not sure if you’ll hear a direct influence [in our music],” says Golly.

“If I were to give you a list of five bands that we all listen to, you wouldn’t really be able to compare them to us,” adds Mulligan. “Brandon [Hart, the drummer] listens to a lot of really weird music.”

Since you could hardly call (working title)’s blend of acoustic pop “weird music,” it’s safe to assume their music is created solely for the love of making music. (working title) has an obvious passion for the craft, and already has plans for the future direction of the band.

“We know what we need to look for,” says Hart coyly.

Though they’re not about to spoil what they’re looking for, you can be sure no one will mistake them for another band in the future.

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