Propping up the budget with bedposts

Cities lack the funding they need to build expensive infrastructure. A creeping sprawl like Calgary needs increasing amounts of pipes, roads, electrical wires and sewers as it continues to grow. The obvious shortfall in funding was one of the issues addressed in the recent federal elections. Layton, Harper, and Martin debated giving back gasoline tax… Continue reading Propping up the budget with bedposts

Mohammed cartoons: No one is right

Twelve people died in Afghanistan in the past week during Muslim-led protests against selected Danish newspaper cartoons. From Damascus to Copenhagen, Jakarta to Montreal, a number of Muslims have participated in protests against what they believe are offensive cartoons, originally published in Denmark’s Jyllands-Posten newspaper. If something angers such a large number of people, it… Continue reading Mohammed cartoons: No one is right

Back in the… USRI?

Editor, the Gauntlet,[Re: USRIs] If others shared my experience, the low response rate of students for Fall 2005 course evaluations may be a result of potential respondents being shut out of the USRI system when they tried to access it. In my case, I received emails from my faculty in mid-November reminding me to submit… Continue reading Back in the… USRI?

Fuck Love

In honour of those silly few who choose to abstain from the intricacies of love and to spite the dreaded Valentine’s day–now thankfully behind us–the Gauntlet presents some potential selections for a kick ass February mixtape, affectionately called “Fuck Love.” “Fistful of Love” by Antony and the Johnsons from I am a Bird Now.This standard… Continue reading Fuck Love