Pro life display offensive

Editor, the Gauntlet,

I am a fifth year student here at the university, and I am writing to talk about how disgusted and angry I am today. The pro-life demonstration outside of the science buildings is absolutely unacceptable and completely offensive.

I want to say that this demonstration is not only especially offensive to female and minority students, but to the entire student body. To compare something as serious as genocide to a woman’s decision to terminate an unwanted pregnancy is not only extreme, it is totally inappropriate. I feel as though this downplays the life history and experiences of real minority groups who have been historically targeted by genocide. For the pro-life group to propagate the pain and suffering of these groups for the purpose of displaying their own misled propaganda is selfish, disgusting and simply unethical. I cannot believe that the university has endorsed this behavior!

It is fine for people to have their own opinions, but this demonstration isn’t just opinions and free speech–it’s hate speech. This demonstration is potentially traumatic and distressing to viewers. It forces people to be exposed to images they are uncomfortable with for a variety of reasons, and essentially equates women to Nazi’s. This display is crossing the line from speech to action. It is using shock value and cheapens the seriousness of genocide while condemning the choices of women. Have you considered how many Jewish or African American students will walk by this display and feel worthless? Have you considered how many women who have made the difficult decision to terminate a pregnancy will walk by this display and feel worthless? It is hateful towards pro-choice supporters and it is using blatant lies to terrorize the female student body.

But what more can one really expect from the only university campus in Canada that still disputes the need for a Woman’s Centre?

I know that some people will be tempted to argue against me and say that the display is ‘ethical.’ They will say that because I don’t like it, that is my own problem. But people need to hear the voices of those on campus who find this disgusting, outrageous and problematic to the fullest extent. We must realize that this display is totally unacceptable.

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