On page six, there are some shocking images

If you turn to page 6, you will see three images: a pile of holocaust victims, a lynched black man and an aborted fetus. Pro-life groups would like you to connect the three, and as the story associated with the images explains, the University of Calgary’s administration has approved the project for public display.

While the faint of heart and quick to offend will undoubtedly see the printing of the images as an endorsement of the pro-life position, the story is so reliant upon the imagery for its pertinence that it would be irresponsible to print the article without them.

No one is comfortable seeing images like these, and the Gauntlet editorial board, as a collection of individuals, is no different. As a collection of journalists, however, we felt our readers would be satisfied with no less than a complete story. There will be those who think we’re no better than the pro-lifers, using shock as a tool or worse, as a cheap shot. Despite this, our position remains unchanged: our readers deserve to see exactly what the U of C has approved whether they agree or not.

For our own take on the Genocide Awareness Project, check out our Nov. 24, 2005 editorial here.