Spun: Band of Horses

By Garth Paulson

Sigh. You’d think fashion-conscious hipsters and internet music dorks wouldn’t need another band to swoon over, but then again The Arctic Monkeys got big, Wolf Parade got old and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah were always too close to the Talking Heads for their own good. So the call went out for another unfortunately named… Continue reading Spun: Band of Horses

Theatre Preview: Prepare to take flight

By Fiona McLay

Students working together can form a powerful force. Their work is passionate and selfless, driven by purer ideals than monetary successes. The U of C drama department’s Taking Flight festival is a perfect example of this. Last year the entirely student run festival was a huge hit, not surprising considering it was constructed from the… Continue reading Theatre Preview: Prepare to take flight

Film Review: A purely golden Neil Young film

By Rachel Betts-Wilmott

There’s an old adage at the Gauntlet saying: “no one really knows what to do with a music DVD.” Entertainment writers and editors alike have wondered whether it’s proper to review the music, the performance, the quality of the footage or how amiable the subjects are. To this day it has remained a mystery. At… Continue reading Film Review: A purely golden Neil Young film

Music Interview: As I Lay Dying would lay dying for fans

By Logan Niehaus

Modesty and humility from popular acts in the entertainment business are a rarity, and music is no exception. Whether it’s the fame, money or power associated with popularity, there are a number of groups who take not only their lifestyle, but their fans for granted. Often too good to shake the hands of the same… Continue reading Music Interview: As I Lay Dying would lay dying for fans

Music Interview: Blake Sennett gets Elected

By Jon Roe

You may not remember Blake Sennett’s brief sojourn into the realm of child acting as Joey the Rat on the hit sitcom Boy Meets World in the mid ’90s, but you might remember his band Rilo Kiley. The California based indie band has released three full-length albums, including 2004’s More Adventurous. After Adventurous, Sennett began… Continue reading Music Interview: Blake Sennett gets Elected

Dino rookies honoured

By Sean Nyilassy

When Canadian Interuniversity Sport released their men’s hockey all-star team rosters Wed., Mar. 22, it was disappointing to see a lack of Dinos names gracing the first- and second-team lists. However, Jarret Lukin and Travis Friedley were both named to the all-rookie team.Lukin may have been fresh to the Dinos and CIS scenes, but he… Continue reading Dino rookies honoured

Why freeze at McMahon in winter?

By Jeoff Winkleberry

The Manitoba Underwater Council held their 37th Annual Underwater Football National Championship Mar. 18-19 in wonderfully windy Winnipeg. Although a national championship with four teams is as qualified as the World Series of baseball, Calgary still sent a team–dubbed the Calgary Coroners–to run the “nation.” Underwater football is no spectator sport–even the referee must don… Continue reading Why freeze at McMahon in winter?

42 years of Dinnies sports

By Sean Nyilassy

The Dinos’ history is richer than the University of Calgary’s crappy 40 years. Hell, even the rad Gauntlet Sports banner you see above with the sweet Dinosaur cartoons was from 1964. In that year, the U of C created their Athletics Department, with men’s teams dubbed the Dinosaurs and women’s the Dinnies. The teams slowly… Continue reading 42 years of Dinnies sports