India, an emerging global super power

By Magesh Chandramouli

Soon, the world will be witnessing the emergence of another superpower: India. Already a strong regional power and fuelled by the zeal of the younger generation, the nation is slowly but steadily shaping into an economic and political juggernaut. With an unrivalled air force, superior navy and army, India is unquestionably a nation with exceptional… Continue reading India, an emerging global super power

The SU responds

By Bryan West

Editor, the Gauntlet,[Re: “The grand funding shell game,” March 23, 2006] I’d like to take some space to elucidate some of my reasoning for support of the $100,000 proposal passed by the Students’ Legislative Council on Tuesday March 21.To begin, it’s true that “student spaces” hasn’t fared as well as the other items on the… Continue reading The SU responds

Supporting the unborn could support the economy

By Kyle Francis

As offended as everyone is at the pro-life displays recently seen on campus, something no one has asked is what would it be like if they were actually able to incite real social change regarding abortion legislation. If abortions became illegal tomorrow, there would be tremendous consequences. Women with unwanted pregnancies wouldn’t want their babies… Continue reading Supporting the unborn could support the economy

Case in point

By Laurie

Editor, the Gauntlet,[Re: “Save an Inuit, club a seal,” March 9, 2006]Please explain to me how you can defend this? Do you hate animals? How can you look at those little seals, and not think it is wrong to murder hundreds of thousands of them? I do not understand. What is wrong with Canada to… Continue reading Case in point

Administration shockingly forward thinking

By Gauntlet Editorial Board

A strange new force has joined the fray for free speech on the University of Calgary campus, and it’s not who we expected. Instead of taking the traditional free speech stance of Students’ Unions past and elsewhere, the U of C’s SU acted like confused children and passed the decision to allow the campus pro-life… Continue reading Administration shockingly forward thinking

Climate changing even faster

By Emily Senger

An international team of scientists–including a University of Calgary glaciologist–have confirmed the models used to predict global warming trends are accurate. U of C’s Dr. Shaw Marshall and the international team used previous research to create a climate model from 130,000 years ago–the last time the Earth experienced a warming trend comparable to present day.… Continue reading Climate changing even faster