Spun: Patrick Dream and Mike Meurin

By Joelle Robichaud

If you’re in the mood for a mellow night with a good beat, Patrick Dream and Mike Meurin’s Chez Nous Montreal House Vol. 1 is for you. The music is casual, yet it has a distinctive and groovy sound perfect for easy listening.

The album is a continuous mix which blends nicely, allowing you to put it in the CD-player and not worry about it. Most of the music lacks lyrics, but the vocal parts are restrained and don’t break the mood. Chez Nous is a lot like a rollercoaster, with peaks and valleys of intensity keeping you hooked.

All in all, this disc is pretty good, but it only caters to certain people with certain tastes. If you’re into bump-and-grind trance or dance music, then don’t expect to like this. The best setting for this type of music is a lounge where people sip on martinis, so lounge-going martini-sippers alike run to the nearest place where they sell this CD and buy it!

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