Spun: The Sounds

There’s little to be said for The Sounds’ sophomore release Dying To Say This To You. Quite simply, it’s a charming and alluring pop album. The kind of thing you’ll unwittingly dance along to, singing into your hairbrush. Any one of a number of catchy tunes will get stuck and stay stuck in your head for ages. It’s that kind of album.

But that kind of album isn’t all sunshine and lollipops. There are inherent flaws in catchy pop songs, namely trivial lyrics and repetitive themes. And on Dying To Say This To You there is an abundance of angry girls and heartbreak. Luckily, the music itself is surprisingly good, masking the more undesirable traits.

Despite its failings, The Sounds’ exuberance is intoxicating and shines through the most on songs like “Running Out of Turbo” and “Queen of Apology.” However, in the grand tradition of pop albums–even though you might enjoy listening to it now–in a year’s time you’ll have forgotten all about it.

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