SU View: Communicating with Students!!

As you have probably heard about a million times during your time at the U of C, the Students’ Union is here to serve and represent your interests, and when it comes right down to it, if we don’t know what you want, we can’t effectively represent you. That’s why this year the SU has completely reevaluated how we solicit feedback from the student body.

In case you haven’t heard, the SU has a brand spanking new website, Among other great stuff, such as the latest event information, we’ve also built ways that students can communicate directly with us; beginning with frequent opinion polls, and a feedback board that students can use to ask questions, raise concerns or share their insights with us. All of the feedback, excluding those that will get us sued, will be displayed publicly with a response from one of our elected executives. We really want to open the lines of communication so that we can provide the programs, services, and events that you want.

Another initiative that we are starting this year is traveling office hours. As most of you may not know we have permanent offices in 251 Mac Hall. However, since we don’t seem to have students busting down the door at all hours of the day, we have decided to bring our office to you. We will be doing this in a quirky circus theme style in various locations around campus. Our Traveling Circus Office hours are the perfect opportunity for you to come and talk with your elected executives.

Another great way to get your voice heard is through the Student Advisory Council. I have been working with Jim Dunsdon of Student and Academic Services in order to get this council started again after a year hiatus. It is a wonderful way to have input on various policies and initiatives at both the University and SU levels. Please pick up an application from the SU front desk if you are interested in being a student at large member.

The SU is very excited about these new programs; however it is up to the students to ensure they are successful, so definitely participate!! We always welcome feedback and if you have any additional ideas about how we can better communicate with students you are more then welcome to email me at or stop by the office, our door is always open to you!!


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