Letter: Maclean’s Wrong?

I am used to Maclean’s taking data out of context, so I was not surprised to see Tony Keller, managing editor of special projects at the magazine, take my quotes out of context as well in last week’s Gauntlet. The comment regarding data being four years out of date refers, of course, to the survey of graduates published by Maclean’s in the spring.

A student who graduated from the U of C even two years ago would be unaware of the 40 student spaces now opening on campus, academic merit admission awards, wireless campus and the millions we have given to the SU and GSA leadership for quality initiatives identified by students. Yet Maclean’s offers the survey of graduates as a proxy for current student experience at Canadian universities. Maclean’s did not respond to our suggestion that the magazine survey current students. That is one of many reasons why at least 21 universities have declined to be part of this year’s rankings. We have along way to go, but the University of Calgary is changing fast by investing millions of dollars in the quality of the student experience. Maclean’s is resolutely determined to ignore this.

Here’s a question the Gauntlet might put to Mr. Keller: Why does Maclean’s refuse to recognize grading differences across the provinces? Alberta students are graded tougher than in any other jurisdiction. Maclean’s knows this and has acknowledged it, yet it refuses to allow us to adjust for it. Were we allowed to adjust for this difference (as is the case in Quebec), U of C would immediately rise in the rankings.

I look forward to Mr. Keller’s response in a future edition of the Gauntlet. Better yet, publish it in Maclean’s as part of this year’s rankings.

Roman Cooney

U of C vice-president, external relations

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