Letter: Dry is fun, too!

In response to your supplement in support of students drinking and getting drunk, I challenge you and your staff to put together an even cooler supplement that is against alcohol and promotes alternative ways to have fun on and off of the U of C campus.

As you are certainly aware, alcohol and alcohol related incidents are rampant on campuses including binge drinking, failed classes, accidents and death. Alcohol has been considered by some researchers to be the number one problem that must be addressed on campuses.

I challenge you to create an insert that shows how not-drinking can be just as cool with fun items matching your pro-alcohol insert such as checklists of fun and friends sans alcohol. Some imaginative writing by university club members, artists, musicians, philosophy majors, engineers and your talented pool of writers could take up this challenge and inspire new meaning to the word ‘dry.’

I’m willing to help find advertisers to support production costs if you need support.

Laurel Smith

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