Letter: Student parched

By Ryan Cheng

Editor, the Gauntlet,

I have started to notice the lack of water fountains in the newer buildings on campus. Some of the older buildings like Earth Science and Math Science have water fountains on every floor, although not very good ones. The university should upgrade the older water fountains, such as the ones in Earth Science, Math Science, Science Theaters and Administration, so the filtration produces clean water. In addition, more advanced water fountains should be added to each new building on campus (such as ICT, Murray Fraser Hall, Law, The Loft, First Cup, etc).

I believe that water is an essential part of the body and should be more accessible. Many studies show that hydration is required for the brain to work properly. If the only way to get water is to walk 10 minutes to a fountain or to buy a bottle of water for two dollars, then people will drink less water causing productivity and grades to go down.

In hopes of creating a better university environment, water fountains should be among the ideas and concepts considered.

Ryan Cheng


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