CJSW strives for new space

Two new committees have been formed by the Students’ Union in an attempt to move CJSW from their current space in the basement of MacEwan Student Center to new space on the third floor.

Construction on the new space was halted in January because of cost increases and communication problems between the SU and CJSW. Costs went up by 50 per cent, a price CJSW could not afford.

SU vice-president operations and finance Cody Wagner heads the resolution committee with Brian Milne, program coordinator for the University of Calgary chapter of Pro-Bono Students Canada. The purpose of the resolution committee is to see where and how much money is still owed.

“Golden Triangle and Gibbs Gauge have been paid off,” said Wagner, referring to two of the contractors involved in the project. “Now there is just a bill between the SU and CJSW.”

The second committee, the redevelopment committee, is composed of University of Calgary assistant vice-president student services Jim Dunsdon, CJSW board member Dave Craddock and SU VP events Eric Jablonski. The committee’s purpose is to see what construction has been completed and what still needs to be accomplished.

The new formal approach brings a bit of relief to CJSW station manager Chad Saunders.

“The board before wasn’t working in tandem and progress was slow because of it,” said Saunders.

Saunders said the CJSW move has been more difficult than campus television station NUTV’s recent move because of certain specifications needed for the space.

“If we have a live band and they’re rocking out and PriceWaterhouse-Coopers is doing their tests for accounting, I don’t think they’re going to be that happy,” said Saunders.

Saunders noted that specific requirements, such as soundproofing, can be better communicated thanks to the new committees. In the past, this hasn’t been the case due to informal means of communication.

Both Wagner and Saunders consider the move necessary and noted that since renovating the old space isn’t cost effective or ideal, the move to new space is needed.

“We have outgrown this space,” said Saunders. “Where we stand right now is we have a completed set of plans, we just need to show them to project managers and contractors to get a general idea of what it’s going to cost.”

“We will have a much better idea when CJSW will move come early November,” said Wagner.

To help CJSW get into their new space, make a donation during their upcoming funding drive, Oct. 20-27.

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