Spun: Method Man

As the first couple tracks cue up, the question eventually rises: what am I hearing here that I haven’t heard already? Thus the tragic flaw of Method Man becomes apparent–in a world full of trends and confusion over what makes a beat or flow sound current, Meth’s stylings on this second solo project from the Wu-Tang Clan feel intrinsically dated.

This isn’t an entirely bad thing, as 1999’s Blackout! was a high school-defining affair and one of the more fondly-remembered Wu-Tang solo projects, despite being Method Man to a tee. There’s just something endearing about his style, even when it’s a formula he’s plugging.

That content “meh” is where things would have stayed if the second half of the album never happened. With an abundance of guest stars and production that feels fresh while still shouting “Ticaaaaaal!” this is where the album really shines. The only complaint to raise here is over the occasional loss of balance between Meth and his guests. For the most part, though, the guests are treated complimentarily.

While it may be tantamount to proclaiming yourself a pot-head to admit enjoying a Method Man album, 4:21 is worth it for Wu fans. Dolla’ dolla’ bill, y’all.

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