Online Exclusive: Fine Arts Awareness Week Preview!

Art lovers and casual appreciators alike can head down to MacEwan Hall Nov. 6–10 to take in Fine Arts Awareness Week. Similar to the showcase for student athletics, Dino Days, Fine Arts Awareness Week will feature a diverse collection of exhibits and performances in MacEwan Student Centre and elsewhere on campus.

“We’re trying to showcase all sorts of exhibits, whether it be dance, drama, music or visual art, in and around campus,” notes Students’ Union vice president events Eric Jablonski. “Mostly the exhibits will be in Mac Hall, but there are also a number of things that are happening around the rest of campus that we are also highlighting.”

Jablonski explains that the purpose of the week is it increase awareness of the fine arts on campus, particularly those created by student artists. He feels it’s important to establish more artistic entertainment options for students than just music, and hopes the numerous free performances help.

“Music [on campus] seems to be done and done really well,” notes Jablonski. “But some of the other fine art mediums such as dance and drama don’t really get the representation that they need around campus. I thought plopping them right in the middle of the Student Centre for people to take notice would be a fun idea.”