LCD screens bring new view to Mac Hall

Thanks to a generous donation, NUTV has spruced up MacEwan Student Centre with shiny new LCD-screen television monitors.

NUTV recently approached the Telus Calgary Community Board, a community initiative to support technology and youth, for a donation to upgrade their equipment. Telus responded with a donation of $10,000

“It’s exciting to know there are funds out there who support youth and technology,” said NUTV executive director Michelle Wong.

The money donated from Telus was combined with a donation of $7,500 from the Students’ Union collected from MSC tenant fees.

NUTV used the money to purchase and mount seven LCD monitors. One monitor was placed in the members’ lounge in the NUTV office, while the other six were recently installed in MSC.

“It’s going to improve their quality, definitely improve morale and give them a better product,” said SU vice-president operations and finance Cody Wagner.

The monitors use high-definition technology, and NUTV hopes to upgrade their editing and other equipment as soon as possible to make full use of the high definition capabilities of their new monitors, noted Wong.

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