SafeWalk female shortage

Attention all civic-minded females, SafeWalk needs you.

The Campus Security-sponsored program, which provides students with safe escorts on campus, is facing a shortage of female volunteers. Though the SafeWalk service is still available at times, it is being performed by Campus Security officers, rather than volunteers.

“Our volunteer teams are composed of one male, one female,” said SafeWalk coordinator Janice Gilliland. “We don’t walk male-male. We don’t walk female-female. This year we’re just not getting as many female applicants, which is different than usual.”

While the volunteers make the university safer, they are never in any danger themselves.

“They are connected to Campus Security at all times,” said Gilliland, noting she could not cite any incidents where volunteers needed additional assistance.

In addition to helping out on campus, there are a number of fringe benefits SafeWalkers enjoy, including social events and free concerts during their shift.

There are monetary benefits as well.

“We have tuition credits available for our volunteers,” said Campus Security associate director Lanny Fritz. “Depending on the hours they work, students get $20-30 off their tuition for every shift.”

There are also two $500 scholarships available for volunteers who demonstrate the most commitment.

Female students looking for volunteer experience are encouraged to apply. Applicants must be current students, pass a criminal record and campus security check, and commit 12 hours a month.

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