Spun: Sean Lennon

The title of Sean Lennon’s second album, Friendly Fire is a reference to people on the same team who obliterate each other. Lennon’s girlfriend cheated on him with his best friend and the result is a 10 song conceptual album on the theme of betrayal.

The opening track, “Dead Meat” is the most biting of the bunch, being an effective contrast between spiteful lyrics and pleasant melodies. Unfortunately, the remaining tracks have a mellow way of blending into one way-too understanding response from a man who seems to lack any real rage. Coming from someone who’s been burned as badly as he claims, the music and lyrics come off as overly sweet.

Not only does Lennon dedicate the album to his cheating friend who died in a motorcycle accident last year, but his now ex-girlfriend sings backing vocals and even makes appearances on the bonus DVD.

The accompanying film is a 45-minute series of video vignettes of songs from the album. The videos are artfully and tastefully shot, featuring Lennon and company acting out the concepts, for a large part in period costume.

While Friendly Fire is a sometimes interesting look into Lennon’s mind, it would have been more potent if it actually used live rounds.

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