Letter: A Belated Kudos

Editor, the Gauntlet,

[Re: “Stem cells aren’t people too,” editorial, Aug. 10, 2006.]

I must applaud Chris Tait on a well-written article referenced above. I read the article from a link in a Google stem cell link. I have experienced cord blood stem cell therapy outside of the U.S. and have seen positive effects for memory impairment.

The politicization of this research by beaurocratic idiots on both sides of the aisle is a very poor way for western civilization to begin a new century and millenium. History will look back in disgrace for this mistake. I hope your article inspires more media to address the need for imediate reform of the current fiscal restraints on stem cell research. In addition to this subject, reform of the FDA would be another great subject to address. The U.S. could fund stem cell research with infinite tax dollars and it would not speed the therapies through the bottleneck of FDA clinical trial and approval. Continue your good work.

C.W. Bogart


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