Letter: Count your blessings

Editor, the Gauntlet,

[Re: “Tuition goes up… Again,” Emily Senger, Feb. 2, 2007.]

I’m sad to see that not one single article has made the right point on this latest tuition hike. There’s no reason to lament a 3.3 per cent hike. Given inflation, a 3.3 per cent increase is reasonable and nothing to complain about. If for the past 20 years we had only had this type of reasonable incrementation [sic] that was representative of inflation tuition would be affordable. We’ve been plagued by decades of obscene tuition hikes and now we need a freeze to reel things back in. This is a national problem. In my undergraduate degree, school tuition increased by more than 33 per cent over the five years in which I attended.

Louis Poirier

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