Happy year of the pig!

Students who have already given up on their New Year’s resolutions have another chance: Chinese New Year is fast approaching.

The Year of the Pig begins Sun., Feb. 18. Based on the Chinese lunar calendar, which is based on moon phases, Chinese New Year varies in date from year to year. Each year is also represented by on of 12 animals.

To celebrate, the Hong Kong Students’ Association held a festival in MacEwan Student Centre Mon., Feb. 12.

“We have a cultural display and performance like the lion dance,” said HKSA president Kalsy Wong. “We also invited some traditional craftsmen. They will sell art.”

During the holiday older family members give out red envelopes filled with money. In that light, the HKSA handed out red envelopes as prizes for mini-games such as picking up marbles using only chopsticks and stacking mahjong tiles.

Being such an important and recognizable part of Chinese culture, the display was a fun look at a very special holiday.

“If you want to know the other culture, you have to participate,” said Wong.

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