SU View: SU needs your input

For the past few years, the Students’ Union has received a significant amount of money from the Board of Governors to fund projects and initiatives that increase the quality of the student experience here. This year, once again, the SU will receive approximately $1.4 million to improve campus life for students. Past uses of quality money include classroom size reduction, scholarships and bursaries, the social science corridor renovation along with other programs and initiatives.

Student input into the allocation of these funds is extremely important to the Students’ Union and once again we are seeking student’s feedback. Proposal forms are available on our website or for pick up at the SU front desk.

These proposals will be taken to the quality money committee for further consideration. We have received wonderful ideas from students in the past and would love to hear your ideas again. Just think of something on campus that needs improvement and write it down on a proposal sheet with a description and approximate cost. I would be happy to help any student with questions that they have in regards to their proposal.

The proposals need to be submitted to the SU office by February 28th. Also, for a complete list of previous SU funded quality money initiatives please visit our website,

Thanks in advance for your input and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me at

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