Engineers put SU hopefuls through the wringer

Students’ Union candidates showed off their less-professional sides in a forum charged with water guns and a giant, beer-spewing, burninating dragon Fri., Feb. 9.

The annual engineering SU candidate forum pitted candidates against each other in a battle of wit and drinking prowess.

Each candidate was given two minutes to stand on a table and convince the room full of engineers to vote for them.

Each time the candidates mentioned key works like “I, platform, accountable, commission and communication,” a buzzer sounded and they were drenched by an army of Supersoaker-wielding engineers.

The clear crowd favourite was engineering student and events commissioner candidate Richard “Dickie” Freeman.

“I’m the only real engineer here!” proclaimed Freeman from atop his platform before leading the engineers in an ear-splitting chorus of the engineering song.

After their platform presentations, very wet candidates were forced to drink from a giant beer-bong built to resemble Trogdor, a dragon from the Homestarrunner Internet cartoon series.

“I’m good at this,” said presidential candidate Julie Bogle as she readied herself for an impressive chug from Trogdor’s bounty.

Meanwhile, other presidential candidates applied their own methods to win the engineer vote. Julie Labonte handed out candy and cookie bribes, while Wilma Shim prepared to get soaked by stripping down to her bikni top.

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