Rugby: Dinos all Thai-ed up in international tour

When travelling internationally it’s common to receive as many vaccinations as recommended by a local travel clinic. Unfortunately for the University of Calgary men’s touring rugby team there is no vaccine to protect against pissed-off Thai competitors. A 35 person contingent from the University of Calgary Rugby Football Club will be departing from Calgary International… Continue reading Rugby: Dinos all Thai-ed up in international tour

Lady b-ballasaurs win 10th straight

The University of Calgary women’s basketball team has clawed their way into hosting the Central division semi-final against the University of Saskatchewan Huskies on the back of their unbelievable 10-game winning streak. For the second time this season the Dinos swept the Huskies, taming the dirty dawgs 85-79 Fri., Feb. 7, and 75-69 Sat., Feb.… Continue reading Lady b-ballasaurs win 10th straight

This Week On The Internet: Troubleshoot Your Cat!

Everybody’s had one of those “Oh my God, my computer just died” moments, where nothing works and first instinct is to either pummel the thing senseless or curl into fetal position, rocking back and forth whilst sobbing. This is the wrong course of action! The thing’s going to have to get fixed eventually and the… Continue reading This Week On The Internet: Troubleshoot Your Cat!

Optics: Farce of the Penguins

Back in 2005, moviegoers were transfixed by a documentary about emperor penguins making an arduous journey to their mating grounds. Filmed over the course of a year by director Luc Jacquet, March of the Penguins won the Academy Award for feature-length documentary and spawned a series of unrelated films about penguins. Some of these films,… Continue reading Optics: Farce of the Penguins

A Vancouver Blossom

Sushi is to Vancouver what beef is to Calgary. Likewise, a hip young indie band from Vancouver that couldn’t name their favourite sushi bar would be trusted there as much as a honky-tonk southern Albertan country act who couldn’t name a nearby steakhouse: not much. “King Sushi,” says Zachary Gray, co-founder and guitarist of Vancouver’s… Continue reading A Vancouver Blossom

Spun: Norah Jones

Norah Jones is playing it much too safe on her latest release, Not Too Late. While all of the songs are beautifully sung, there’s only one track that stands out and begs to be remembered. Fortunately, there are tiny intricacies sprinkled here and there that aren’t necessarily apparent on the first listen. Further visits reveal… Continue reading Spun: Norah Jones

Spun: Explosions in the Sky

To every rule there is an exception, and for every 10 lame rock bands chugging through power chords, there is one Explosions in the Sky. The Texas-based four-piece achieved a modicum of infamy for their sophomore release Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell the Truth Will Live Forever, released a month… Continue reading Spun: Explosions in the Sky