Spun: Jen Militia

Jen Militia reaches into the bottomless gray gunny sack of hooks and fret-walking bass lines, pulling out an unexpectedly energetic eleven song sample. With an initial burst of revolutionary appeal that morphs into an entirely inoffensive display of lyrical prowess backed up by diverse and engaging riffs, the Militia come out ahead on everything musical, but might disappoint some with their misleading imagery.

Emblazened with images of Japanese, Korean and possibly Tibetan militants armed with paintbrushes, Berlin Boot Camp certainly plays to its own musical aesthetic, but nothing here will inspire full-scale riots.

The songs run smooth and continuous without being repetitive or irritating. Some lines seem to come up and challenge the institution, the Man, or whatever it is they won’t be a part of, but then oddly refuse to name their most inspiring sources of anger and resistance. Good on the basis of nod-ability and get-stuck-in-your-head-till-you-die-ness, Berlin Boot Camp signs away bragging rights to be the soundtrack of musical revolution by being a little too familiar. A fun little romp in pseudo-protest rock, Jen Militia steps up, but doesn’t step out of its class. Even so, with enough ingenuity throughout, it will certainly help pass the long cold hours spent waiting for the revolution.

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