U of C 101, revamped

Incoming University of Calgary students will see some big changes to their orientation next year.

The Office of the Student Experience has been working to create a new and improved U of C 101 for the coming fall semester.

“The OSE is directing ship and lots of people are onboard,” said OSE associate director Heather Cummings. “U of C 101 is a mandated program and we offer services that students often don’t realize will aid them in their time here.”

The new U of C 101 will be shortened from its previous three-day format to a two-day orientation that will be offered twice.

“Students said three days was too long and that they would’ve preferred smaller groups,” said Cummings.

The new sessions will focus on what’s important to students in the first month of the fall semester and will combine groups of students entering directly from high school with students who are simply new to the U of C.

Students’ Union vice-president events Eric Jablonski has also been involved.

“It is important to go to sessions and build a community,” said Jablonski. “Following the [SU general] election, the SU will figure out where we fit into all this and plan sessions that encourage community involvement.”

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