People have been hunting for awhile

Editor, the Gauntlet,

[Re: “A hard sell made harder,” Editorial, Sep. 27]

It has been amusing reading the media’s reaction to the Alberta government’s “Hunting Day” announced by cabinet minister Ted Morton.

Your editorial contained the usual derisive stereotypes about hunting and fear mongering about legal firearms ownership.

One myth you perpetuate is that increasing the number of firearms in urban areas leads to increased violence. If this were true, there would be far more violence occurring per capita in Alberta’s rural areas due to their higher levels of gun ownership than in the cities.

Like it or not, our species evolved on this planet as hunter/gatherers. Humans have been hunting for at least two million years.

Our bodies, which are identical to our Paleolithic ancestors of about 10,000 years ago, have evolved to eat a hunter/gatherer diet of lean meat, fruits, and vegetables.

All of us are descended from a very long line of successful hunters.

Indeed, had any of our ancestors not been successful, we would not be here today reading editorials on the supposed evils of hunting.

Rather than spend “Provincial Hunting Day” in an arcade as your editor espouses, I suggest that your readers take a moment to reflect on their biological heritage instead.

-Jim Powlesland