SU View: Those Dreaded Midterms!

By Diana Bumstead

It’s midterm time! How did they come so quickly? Golly, it seems like yesterday we just saw Sam Roberts. Now it is time to cram down and freak out.

Wait–there are many resources available at the university and the Students’ Union to help you through this tunnelish time period and get you out into the light.

First of all the SU has tutors. If you need one or have a B average or higher and might like to earn some extra cash, contact the SU office at 220-2551.

Second, counselling services on the second (well technically the 3rd) floor of MacEwan Student Centre offer Academic success workshops to help you “…get better grades, study more efficiently, get more sleep!” What have you got to lose by trying one?

Lastly, eek! You think you’re dying of the flu but you have a midterm tonight and tomorrow. You can barely stay awake for five minutes but think you can’t miss these exams. What do you do? The SU has an informative student rights website. It tells you what to do (the policy and procedure) for situations just like this one. Heck, if you want to speak with an actual voice, they have a Student Rights Advisor. Keep in the back of your quickly-cramming mind the fact that students can be required to withdraw from their faculty if their grades drop too low. Each faculty does an academic review on their students periodically. Visit the Student Rights website or contact the SRA for resources (on grade re-appraisals, plagiarism, and much more).

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