Studentsí Union end of year reviews: President

By Katy Anderson

Julie Bogle has done a proper job leading the Students’ Union as president. She managed a cohesive team, updated many inconspicuous but important policy changes and introduced a much needed affordable housing paper.

Over the last month, university administration announced the decision not to allow the option to pay tuition via credit card. Although personally I would have rather seen a protest over the $230 tuition hike in Dec., students were up in arms over the decision and the SU did the right thing by representing their constituents concerns in the form of organizing a protest and a letter-writing campaign.

With the position of being president comes the benefit–or bane–of privileged knowledge. Bogle sat on many closed-door sessions with high-level administration, making her privy to information that would be beneficial to students if shared. That, paired with the SU replacing their longtime communications manager this year, makes for a frustrating limbo between confidence and representation. However, towards the end of the term, with the credit card issue, Bogle was more willing to loosen up her words.

Many minor, but substantial changes were made to SU policy including the Roles and Responsibilities of each portfolio, changes to the Students’ Academic Association policy framework and creation of the position of Government Relations Advisor.

Good job aside, Bogle’s professionalism may have hurt the SU as a whole. The close relationship with administration distanced the SU from students and didn’t pay off, as admin didn’t disclose their plans over the credit card decision, arguabley the biggest issue for students this year.

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