Security shenanigans

By Daniel Pagan

Campus Security dealt with lost children, a city bylaw sticker hoax, students attempting to climb a crane, break dancers gone wild and a moose during what should be the quietest part of their year. Even with many students gone for the summer, the University of Calgary is still full with conference guests and children attending day camps.

There was a scare in April when a male student received verbal threats and his residence was shot in a drive-by. U of C Campus Security director Lanny Fritz said the shooting led to administration canceling students’ exams, while Campus Security and the Calgary Police Service searched the campus. Affected students wrote their exams a month later.

Bermuda Shorts Day came and went with no problems. Fritz applauded the efforts of Students’ Union event staff, Campus Security officers and CPS officers in policing the famed campus event. Only one ambulance was called for an intoxicated student.

“Due to the police check stop program initiated after the BSD event, there were no impaired driving charges and no 24-hour suspensions, which is a first in the last 10 years,” said Fritz.

He explained that during the summer, Campus Security gets a lot of calls for lost children due to the large number of children attending day camps.

“Out of the 9,000 children on campus during the summer, there is always two or three children who decide to leave and walk home without telling anyone, which results in several hours of anxious moments for parents and searchers,” said Fritz.

Campus Security was called to deal with a sticky situation when someone posted City of Calgary bylaw stickers in Kinesiology bathrooms over urinals and toilets, warning users they were being observed by cameras. Security personnel inspected the area for several days and determined there were no cameras.

“I believe that the stickers placed in the washroom was simply someone’s idea of a bad joke,” said Fritz.

Campus Security had to talk two students down from climbing the construction crane in the Dr. Fok Ying Tung International House site. He said he assumed the stunt was done on a dare, but said the students were very co-operative with Campus Security.

They also had to close down a break dancers’ show in MacEwan Hall after SU staff made a request for their removal. The dancers wanted to show off their moves and an audience was gathering around, but an event was scheduled in the space.

Finally, the U of C got an unexpected visit from a moose that wandered on to campus and broke through a window in the hallway near the Reeve Theatre on July 31. Fritz said the Fish and Wildlife Department was called in to deal with the situation. With the assistance of the CPS, Fish and Wildlife officers were able to tranquilize the moose and return it to Bragg Creek.

“This incident ended on a high note, because the moose was returned to its natural habitat,” Fritz said. “There were no injuries and there was no disruption on campus.”

In April, May and June 367 incidents were reported, at a cost of $140,280 to the campus due to stolen property, vandalism and other accidents.

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