BOG report

By Julie Bogle

Welcome to your Board of Governors report. It’s time to put on your business suit, position your high level thinking cap and dive into University dealings . . .

This past meeting the Provost reported on a major student issue– how the university plans to increase the quality of undergraduate experience. Through participating in surveys and forming an implementation team, a dynamic plan is in place to improve our experience. I just struggle to see the relevance for the second, third, fourth and fifth year plus students.

This year the University drastically improved U of C 101 and implemented the four year guarantee program, obviously targeting frosh students. There are new residence beds in the works, a downtown campus partnership and new buildings under construction that will further assist future students. But the plans for the current student population seem to be lacking.

It’s not because the University isn’t trying, its just that more “little” things need to be done. And each faculty has its own set of problems and opportunities. Unfortunately, only time will tell if their plans will work. I just hope it’s before the majority of us graduate.

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Board of Governors Quick Facts

• 21 members (Reps from SU, GSA, Alumni Association, GFC, Senate + Chancellor, President + 10 Public Representatives); three students total.

• Appointed board by Minister of Advanced Education and Technology.

• Five official meetings per year (and usually one causal meeting in the fall).

• BOG committees: Executive, Operations, EHSS, Audit, Investments, Senior Compensation, The University Budget, & Student Discipline Appeal.

• There’s an Open Public Session at the beginning of each meeting, primarily where information sharing takes place with some approvals. The Closed Session is confidential and for the members only.


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