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By Darby Semeniuk

From Van Gogh to Pachibel and Swan Lake to Cats, join the Students’ Union from Nov. 17-21 for Arts Fest ’08 where none of these famous artists and performances will be shown.

The focus this year will be on demonstrating the work of students from the University of Calgary. Similar to last year’s success, a Fringe Festival atmosphere has been created with multiple artists in multiple venues. A schedule of events can be picked up from the Students’ Union Office. All events are happening in MacEwan Student Centre

The What’s SUp? space will be host to a live video feed and connection to actual studios in the Fine Arts Faculty. This will allow students to provide instant feedback to art undergraduates. Further, the week will also have tonnes of music performances in the Terrace Lounge, by That Empty Space.

The week begins on Mon., Nov. 17 with both an on-site improv dance in the North Courtyard and an Audio-Visual Art Installation at 11 a.m. These presentations are followed by the Empty Space Art Gallery, which is open all week to students who want to get a taste of some projects created by visual art students.

That same day at 6 p.m., join the Faculty of Fine Arts and the Students’ Union in That Empty Space for the Launch Party of Arts Fest ’08. The space will be transformed into a funky art gallery with free refreshments, free food and free music by DJ Mike.

Tuesday brings a Symphonic Band composed of 50 students to the North Courtyard, a show not to be missed and the second installation of the improv dancers.

If you’re looking to have your own impact on Arts Fest ’08, then definitely come to the Open Mic happening on Wednesday in the South Courtyard. All students are welcome to attend and participate and it’s hosted by the infamous Luke Valentine. Courtesy of the Dance Department, a ballet demonstration is being held from noon- 1 p.m., which is followed by a Dance Montage Teaser. Wednesday also brings the Hip-Hop and Funk Styles Club to the Terrace Lounge, where they’ll be showcasing their preferred method of art.

Some may prefer a little down time, so Thurs. Nov. 20, we’re once again transforming That Empty Space into Cinema At Lunch. Free popcorn and a relaxing atmosphere; what more could you ask for? A Dance Technique class is displaying their mad skills from noon- 1.30 p.m. in the North Courtyard.

Now that Friday is here, it’s definitely time to tone down the epic week, so we have the final performance of the dance improv team, complete with whistles. Another Audio-Visual Art Installment is occurring and the big finale is in That Empty Space, where Mid Atlantic and Tetrix are playing their hearts out for students.

For any more information, please contact Luke Valentine at or drop by the Students’ Union Office to pick up an agenda for the week. Also, don’t forget to fill out those USRIs!

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