Kicking rocks and offensive hygiene

By Cam Cotton-O’Brien

Of the things to be learned in December’s campus security report, perhaps the most useful is that fleeing the scene of a crime is never easy . . . especially when you are driving a bus.

Unfortunately for one Calgary Transit employee, this was a lesson that had to be learned the hard way. The bus in question entered parking lot 12 and attempted to turn around, in the process knocking down a traffic sign.

The bus driver decided not to remain at the lot, but was caught because a witness was able to record the bus and route numbers. Calgary Transit was informed of the incident and it is expected that it will be dealt with by supervisors there.

Campus recreation was the site of a bizarre incident when an individual in the men’s steam room verbally abused other patrons, who had asked him to cease what was described in the monthly report as “offensive hygiene practices.”

The individual, who was known to campus security, was asked to leave.

In an alarming class room incident, a student in Science A was splashed in the eye with sodium hydroxide during a lab.

“It was a student in class who was just legitimately carrying on with his program and he just happened to have an accident,” said campus security director Lanny Fritz. “Campus security was called, we responded and called EMS and transported the individual to the hospital.”

There were a number of problems with theft in December, with two separate pairs of individuals caught prowling in secure areas on campus and media equipment was stolen from both the law students’ lounge and a nursing class room.

Fritz noted that the winter break is usually a bad time for such activity.

“There’s always a little bit of a spike during the holiday season when there are [less] people around,” he said.

Fritz also mentioned that students should remain cautious with their belongings, even while studying in the library and that they should make sure all their work is saved in some other location than just their laptop.

“Valuables should always be kept locked and secured,” he said. “We do have numerous laptop thefts. [Students] step away for either a washroom break or a coffee break and their valuables are stolen. In some cases they’ve got several years of research all just sitting on their laptop. It’s bad enough to lose your laptop, it’s worse to lose your project or your research.”

Despite being a short month at the university, there were two males injured while intoxicated on campus: one sustaining a laceration, the other a dislocated knee from kicking a large rock.

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