Letter: A hard time peeing

Hey Harvey,

Nice work on the lower floor washroom in Social Sciences. Let’s see, you had a month over Christmas, plus almost two weeks prior during exams when it was pretty dead, but oh no, can’t do construction then.

No, let’s wait until school starts– even though there are damn construction guys running around all over the bloody place. No, let’s take a couple of months during the height of school to fix the biggest washroom in the complex. Meanwhile, everyone can fight over the few stalls that remain. Or we can follow that nice map you have posted, which only a freaking architect could understand! Thankfully someone with a brain posted some basic signs like “washroom” with an arrow. I finally found the place in the back of the rabbit warren, down some stairs, by the janitor’s room; it’s like the bloody Batcave. But even it’s busy, even between classes.

Anyhow, another well-planned fiasco by the powers that be at the U of C.

Will they ever get it right?

Well, the new recycling bins are nice– but hey, why not give out free travel mugs and maybe some students won’t keep buying cardboard . . . even second-hand mugs, eh. But I digress.

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