Spandex reappears on campus

By Roman Auriti

What is more satisfying when it’s pumped up with air and rides smoother than a vibrating bed, especially when it isn’t cooped up in some dark corner of your basement where no one can see it? Well, one thing comes to mind and it’s definitely a bicycle.

The Bicycle Root, the University of Calgary’s own volunteer-oriented and driven bicycle shop, began operations in September to promote bicycling and environmental sustainability.

“[The Bicycle Root was] founded back in August, inspired by the Right to Move Collective in Montreal,” explained Lance Ayer, a founding member. “[I was] just hanging out in Montreal and stumbled upon that place and thought it was awesome. I thought Calgary needed something like that.”

The Bicycle Root is hosting its grand opening event at 4 p.m. on March 21, with live music at the Den at 6 p.m.

Ayer explained that their mandate was threefold. He hopes to promote a sense of community, foster healthy lifestyles and also promote environmental sustainability.

“Beyond fixing bikes, we are launching in a week the lending library,” said Ayer.

The bicycle library will let anybody borrow a bike and return it within a few days.

Visitors will also have access to couches, a minifridge and bike-related art.

“Cycling is so important, so huge, for a student, it can really lead to a successful university experience,” he said. “It helps stay active, it helps get around, it helps to have a social network. It’s very affordable, it’s very easy to get involved in and it tends to compliment university study very well.”

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