this week on the internet 2.0:YouTube WTF Round-Up

YouTube is a haven for some of the nuttiest videos on the planet, which makes for some entertaining viewing after a long day of classes or if you want to prove a social theory about how truly broken the Internet is. This Week On The Internet, I’ve solicited the Gauntlet office for their trippy online video picks and selected the best ones. Enjoy!

Let’s Paint TV!

John Kilduff is a Los Angeles-area artist and television host who, unlike Bob Ross, is likely exhausted after painting all of his happy little trees. His first release to the Internet population, “Let’s Paint and Exercise TV,” is an episode of his public-access show, wherein he paints a model while running on a treadmill and answering seemingly-unscreened viewer phone calls. The results are mixed, to say the least. He’s since gone on to produce such masterpieces as “Let’s Paint and Play Baseball TV,” “Let’s Make a Tofu Drink, Exercise and Paint TV” and “Let’s Cut Our Hair, Paint a Self-Portrait and Exercise TV.” Yet less curious is the content of the shows and more how deadly seriously Kilduff takes his subject matter- you’ve never seen somebody eat watermelon, make sundaes and exercise while painting with so much gusto.
YouTube Channel.

Let’s Cut Our Hair, Paint a Self-Portrait and Exercise TV

Stop-Motion Zombies!

Zombies are pretty awesome. So are action figures. Yet it requires a fair level of artistic direction (and stop-motion animation) to truly see how awesome these things are in unison. “Dead Corps 2: Zombies in the Bathroom” features zombie sheep, a bizarre soundtrack and lots of fake blood, whereas the latter is a super high-quality GI Joe remake of John Carpenter’s “The Thing.”

Dead Corps 2: Zombies in the Bathroom

Zombie Zombie – “Driving Clip”

Big Dog House

This is an olde timey movie filmed in black and white and cast entirely with dogs. While it’s likely there are untold hundreds of occurrences wherein animals are abused by modern standards over the film’s 15-minute run, it’s provided so that somebody can set it to Trance music and overlay Björk vocals. Also: it’s really fun to watch while high.

Part I:

Part II:

Epic Schwarzenegger Win

If you need a better example of how bizarre and completely postmodern our world is, look no further than The Governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger. The following collection of foreign commercials starring Ahh-nold range from quaint (dressed in traditional Japanese attire and making instant noodles) to outright bizarre (dressed as a genie and riding a tricycle around the wall of an energy drink bottle) and would be incredibly suitable for creating a glitchy, McRoll-style video remix, yet are also beyond words just by themselves.


Remember the whole “Rickrolling” meme that was all the rage last year (and is apparently still news to the nerds at MIT, who recently covered a tower with the first few notes from the song)? Well, this is much more disturbing and exponentially more obnoxious- excessively looped and oddly-timed scenes from Japanese McDonald’s commercials, set to what sounds like a Hanna-Barbera cartoon, mixed with the Tetris soundtrack and placed in a blender on “Puree.” My guess is that the entire Internet will look like this in six years.

That’s all for This Week! Thanks especially to Jon Roe Sports Editor, who contributed many of these links and apparently has even more free time than I do.

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