MP Anders hosts Conservative Activism 101 on campus

Four-time federal representative for the University of Calgary Community Calgary-West MP Rob Anders and Jonathan Denis, MLA for Calgary-Egmont, spoke at the university on Friday night in an event organized by the U of C Campus Conservative Association.

The event was titled Conservative Activism 101 and its Facebook event page contained the tagline: “How to win the ideology fight on campus and in politics.”

A flight delay meant Anders arrived late and presented after Denis and Ryan Hastman, a Conservative candidate for Edmonton-Strathcona.

“[Denis] talked largely about issues in politics, campaigning and getting youth engaged,” explained Amelia Kleinschmidt, CCA vice-president communications.

“[Hastman] talked about his campaign and how he got his start with the party.”

Anders presented on a range of topics including recruiting, relevant books and movies and the history of conservatism.

“We talked about doing some recruiting with campus clubs,” he said.

“How it’s important to have your table up so that you’re out there and people recognize you and you have a presence on campus.”

Kleinschmidt said Anders’ presentation included tips on appealing to a spectrum of people, using petitions to get people involved and how and where to set up effective recruiting booths.

“While he is a Conservative speaking to a conservative group, he actually gave some great ideas that any campus club could incorporate in recruiting members,” said Kleinschmidt.

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