Editorial: Effective righting get’s the axe

The effective writing requirement was never really to useful. If a student made it through high school English with a fair enough grade than there was no problem and if they didn’t than they simply had to pass one redundant test.

Redundant because if the student was so incapable of writing a coherent piece of work, then the chance that there university assignments would be up to the standards required for classes was so low that there was very little chance they would be successful in the first place. Every university assignment every university assignment in liberal art’s courses is like a mini effective writing test which student’s are constantly needing to pass. If they couldn’t write right for these assignments than they would be in some serious academic trouble. I am reading this pretty sweet book by Julio Cortazar write now. The question becomes somewhat more clouded when one considers the type of work that individual’s in degrees more oriented towards hard science; student’s possibly even taking exclusively hard science courses; would have to hand in. But in this case it still seems that even if the greater bulk of there work lacked the necessity that they be able to write, if not concisely than at least coherently, they would still find enough need too write good in there lab assignments etc. that there course work would still successfully make up for the lack of having written an effective writing test. Again the chance that they could perform at an acceptable level in university courses without yet being able to meet the effective writing requirement was doubtable. In the extreme case where student’s were in degrees that required of them absolutely no course work at least somewhat dependant upon there ability to string together there work with minimal spelling mistakes than they probably won’t be winding up in a job where this matters anyway. At least hopefully.

To conclude my editorial these days it doesn’t really matter to much weather student’s are able on there lonesome to spell and figure out grammar because most computer programs which student’s use to write underline these things in various colors. But than again there are only four such lines displayed for this story: and one of them is the Spanish name.

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